In other words, the water lines that attach to the inlet and outlet of the filter tank has been inverted during installation. In this case, the flow of water through the filter element will be from the inside to the outside rather than towards the outside to the inside (as the filter was intended).

Debris can accumulate quickly inside of the folds, the flow of water is limited, and the cartridge starts to dilate. Finally, the cap of the cartridge is divided by releasing the internal pressure. The filter element is now bypassed in the filtration.

How can you tell if the cartridge is mounted upside down causing it to break ?

Conséquence d'un plombed backwards d'une cartouche de filtration piscine ou spa

Is the end broken of the cartridge similar to this ?

Take off the top broke, and examine the folds. Y a-t-he accumulation of dirt on the inside of the fold?

The carrier tape to the outside of the cartridge, if it is present, seems it stretched and wrinkled?

The outside of the folds it seems rounded and inflated?

If you are still not sure if your filter is sealed to the rear, stop the entire system and completely remove the pressure of the cartridge. Remove the cartridge and unplug quickly the pump. Observe which side provides the water supply and make sure that it is the input. (Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions before removing the lid of the cartridge or work on a pressurized system).