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These General terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter "TOU") define the terms and conditions of use of website https://unicel-direct.com.
Viewers are invited to take knowledge of these provisions and of these rules of use and engagement. The use of the information, products and services offered by the site is subject to compliance with these general terms and conditions of use, which may be changed at any time without notice.

In the case of non-acceptance of the terms and conditions of the site during a visit or registration, it will ask the user to renounce any use of the site.
It is up to the user to refer regularly to the latest version of these terms of use, available directly on the site https://unicel-direct.com.
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1 - Identification

In accordance with the regulations in force here is the legal information of the site

The editor of the site https://unicel-direct.com is the company IMPACT EnR SAS, registered at the RCS of Vienne under the number n° 529 603 565 00019, whose headquarters is located in Space, St-Germain, Bât: The Saxo, 30 avenue du General Leclerc, 38217 Vienne Cedex, france. France

The publication director is Pascal Kastylevsky

The host site is:YOORshop, whose headquarters is located at 52 route du clos – 69700 Montagny – France is registered under number SIRET 48192857000029.

General terms and Conditions of use

In accordance with the provisions of article 6-III-1 of law n°2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, the editor of the site https://unicel-direct.com is :

IMPACT EnR, joint stock company uni-personal S. A. S. U. au capital de 12 000 euros, registered with the register of commerce and companies of Vienna, under the number 529 603 565 00019, whose headquarters is located at :Espace St Germain, Bat: Sax, 30 avenue du General Leclerc, 38217 Vienne Cedex - France.

Telephone no.: +33 4 80 80 60 60

Director of the publication

The Direction of the publication is ·Mr. Pascal Kastylevsky, President of IMPACT EnR

Administration of the site

The webmaster is : info@impact-enr.fr

Hosting company

The hosting of the web site accessible at the url address https://unicel-direct.com is YOORshop, whose headquarters is located at 52 route du clos – 69700 Montagny – France is registered under number SIRET 48192857000029.


The user is any person consulting the website accessible at the url address https://unicel-direct.com

Technical information

This site https://unicel-direct.com is accessible 24 h/24 and 7 days/7 with the exception of cases of force majeure, computer difficulties, difficulties related to the structure of electronic communications networks or technical difficulties.

For reasons of maintenance, IMPACT EnR may interrupt its site.

Warning technical

The user of the site admits having taken knowledge of this legal notice and undertakes to respect it.

By accessing this website, the user acknowledges having the competence and means necessary to access and use this web site, and acknowledges having verified that the computer configuration used contains no viruses and is in perfect operating condition.·

General warning

It is not possible to guarantee 100% security of data transmitted over the Internet.

IMPACT Rec reserves the right to correct, when it deems opportune, the content of this site. However, IMPACT of renewable energies cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information published on its website, as well as the permanence of its proper functioning and its total computer security.

Although IMPACT Rec makes every effort to protect online information on the site or transmitted through the site to IMPACT Energy, IMPACT Energy can neither ensure nor guarantee that such information are totally secure.

IMPACT Rec makes every effort to offer users information and/or tools available and verified but cannot be held responsible for any errors, lack of availability of information and/or the presence of virus or other infections logical on its site.

As a result, the user recognizes using this information under his exclusive responsibility.

In particular, IMPACT Rec disclaims any responsibility

- for any inaccuracy or omission bearing on information available on the website ;

- for any damage resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party leading to a modification of the information made available on this site

- for any damage or malfunction caused by the intrusion of a virus into the systems of users during a download of data from the site

- for any damage, direct or indirect damage, whatever the causes, origins, natures or consequences, caused by reason of the access of whoever to the site or impossibility to access it.

Fighting against illegal content

The law n°2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy is coming to confirm the principle of neutrality of technical service providers under which the providers of Internet access and hosting providers are not subject to a general obligation to monitor the information which they transmit or store, nor a general obligation to seek facts or circumstances indicating illegal activity.

However, it is possible to notify IMPACT EnR the presence of the contents that the user considers illicit by e-mail at info@impact-enr.fr

IMPACT EnR draws the attention of the user on the fact that reporting abuse may engage the criminal responsibility of its author and, in particular, a one-year prison term and a fine of 15 000 euros in accordance with the provisions of article 6-I-4 of the French law n°2004-575 for confidence in the digital economy.


This site is governed by the French laws.

B - Protection of rights on personal data

Computer and freedoms

In accordance with article 32 of the law on Computing and liberties of 6 January 1978, as amended, and amended by Order n° 2011-1012 of 24 August 2011 on electronic communications the information communicated by the user are intended to IMPACT renewable Energy, as the responsible for the treatment, and partner companies, preparing the orders, for the purpose of management administrative and commercial.

This information will not be disclosed to third parties.

Concerning, in particular, the information related to forms, collected data, identified by an asterisk are mandatory. In the absence of a response, your application may not be processed or processing may be delayed.

The user has a right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of personal data concerning them.

The user also has the right to object to the processing of his data for legitimate reasons and a right to object that this data be used for commercial purposes.

To exercise his rights, the user can access the menu·" Edit my account " in the space "My Account", or by sending an e-mail to info@impact-enr.fr or by writing to: IMPACT of renewable energies, along with submission of a copy of an identity signed, to the following address :

IMPACT EnR, Espace St Germain, Bat: Sax, 30 avenue du General Leclerc, 38217 Vienne Cedex - France.

In addition, https://unicel-direct.com collection of statistical information, which are not of a personal nature, inter alia, the origin of visits, the browsers or the operating systems used by its users, in order to always improve the service to its visitors.


The user is informed that during its visits on the site, several cookies are installed automatically on its software of navigation on internet whose duration of life is maximum 1 year.

In accordance with the European regulation, a banner informs visitors that they accept the Cookies (user management, tools, traffic analysis, ad banners management), as they continue their navigation on the website.

The cookie is a block of data that does not identify the user but serves to record information relating to the navigation of the computer of the user on the site (the pages consulted, the date and time of consultation, etc) that IMPACT EnR can read during subsequent visits of the user. In the present case, it contains the information that the user provided. Thus, the user does not need to, during his next visit, fill in the form proposed.

For more comfort, the user can request that a cookie be stored on its hard disk by checking the box "remember me" in " Edit my account ". He may at any time remove the cookie from the hard disk by unchecking this box or by clicking on " Logout ".·

IMPACT EnR informs the user that the parameterization of the navigation software can inform the presence of cookies and possibly reject the manner described at the following address http://www.cnil.fr/.

If the user accesses the site https://unicel-direct.com from public computers, and that it has checked the box " remember me. "he must not forget to click on" Logout ".

C - Warning on the duties of the user

Respect for others

The user of the site https://unicel-direct.com is required to comply with the provisions of the law relating to computers, files and liberties, whose violation is liable to penal sanctions.

In particular, it must refrain from any collection, any diverted use and, in general, any act likely to infringe the privacy or reputation of individuals.

Respect of intellectual property rights

This site has been realized by :

Pascal Kastylevsky, President of IMPACT EnR

IMPACT EnR informs users that its website is protected by copyright law, in particular by the words : © or Copyright, 2017 IMPACT EnR.

This site and all elements thereof, including graphics, software, source code, texts, images, databases, and other creations are protected under copyright law. Any reproduction or dissemination by any means whatsoever, of any of the elements of the site, without the written permission of IMPACT EnR is prohibited, if it were not for the strict needs of the consultation of the website, constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L. 335-2 and following of the French Code of intellectual property.

It is clearly specified that the images animated or not, are also protected by the legislation on copyright and intellectual property. In this respect, any reproduction, representation, adaptation or modification, partial or integral, or transfer on another site are prohibited.

Similarly, the trademarks and other distinctive signs such as logos appearing on the site are the registered trademarks and any use by non-authorized third parties is strictly prohibited.

Any total or partial reproduction of these brands or these logos, made using parts of the site without the written permission of IMPACT Energy is, therefore, prohibited, and punishable by penalties, particularly criminal penalties, as provided by articles L 716-1 of the Code of Intellectual Property.

Hypertext links

The hypertext links set up within the framework of the web site in direction of other resources present on the internet may be subject to a prior written authorization.

Users and visitors to the website can not establish a hyperlink to this site without the prior written permission of IMPACT EnR.