You will find on Unicel Direct the full range of filters and cartridges for many brands and spa manufacturers. However, if you do not find the model of filter corresponding to your spa, contact us for an in-depth research and custom.Mesures de la cartouche de remplacement pour piscine et spa

Measure your filter from the spa for easy identification of your filter Unicel if you don't know the reference.

The measurement of the cartridge of your spa is very simple, it is enough to just take a few precautions.

Please follow the steps below in order to be on not to commit any mistake. We remind you that the measures are subject to a margin of error of +/- 3mm.

Measure the diameter (width) of the filter
Measure the outside diameter (width) of the filter cartridge (in inches or centimeters), which is the maximum distance from one side to the other, including the "on-lock" plastic corks that are likely to make the filter larger than the filter element itself.

Measure the length of the filter by Measuring the length of the filter cartridge end-to-end. The measurement must include the thickness of the plastic, but does not include the grips or the threaded.

Measure the inside diameter, or hole diameter.

Your filter to have an open hole from top to bottom or just a hole at the bottom with a closed lid for the manipulation, in both cases you will need to measure the internal diameter of the hole.Filetage filtre MPT pour cartouche de filtration de remplacement

Identify and measure the thread of your filter There are 2 types of screw on filters for spas. The most common type is a screw end with a top triangular. It is called MPT or outer threads. The cartridges with the screw holes in the MTP are in 3 sizes : 1" 1/2, 2" and 3"1/2.

Thread SAE has a top flat. It comes in 2 sizes : 1"1/2 "or 2".Filetage filtre SAE pour cartouche de filtration de remplacement

Some brand filter Pleatco have a threaded removable male fitting that is positioned in the bottom of the filter. You may need to unscrew the male fitting from the filter of your spa if it does not come out with the old filter. Most of the filters of the other brands are molded in one piece, so that the threaded fitting comes off with the filter.