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Replacement Unicel cartridge for spa and pool filters

Meissner Manufacturing has its plants in California and is one of the oldest manufacturers of filter cartridges for swimming pools and spas. In the early 1980s they supplied the cartridges to the filter manufacturers with the specifications imposed by them. After the same manufacturers began to manufacture their cartridges themselves, Meissner launched the UNICEL range, replacement cartridges and so far UNICEL cartridges are still manufactured according to the specifications of the manufacturers of the filters. The quality of UNICEL cartridges is now the industry standard: all cartridges are manufactured with the Reemay® in 3oz / sq.ft * or 4 oz / sq.ft. *. Our catalogs always mention: the filtering area and the number of folds by which the consumer can check the advertised filtering area. The filtering area determines the maximum passage through the cartridge. The euopenic standard in preparation according to CEN TC 402 permits a maximum throughput rate of 3m3 / m2 / h. * 3oz / sq.ft resp. 4oz / sq.ft. The weight of the Reemay® filter cloth is 3oz (= 8.87 gr.) Or 4oz (= 11.83 gr.) Per sq., Ie 95.47 gr / m2 resp. 127.33 gr./m2

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Unicel, the reference for 50 years

achat en ligne de cartouche de filtration Unicel ReemayDo not be fooled by imitations. With Unicel choose the best for filtration of your pool or spa.

The materials used in the manufacture of Unicel filter cartridges are uniquely formulated and processed using highly specialized manufacturing techniques. This is what differentiates Unicel from its competitors. The Unicel filter has remained Leader in the field of manufacturing replacement filter cartridge and initial equipment for many major pool and spa brands for over 50 years.

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